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Eau de Soin Musti parfummée 50ml

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The aromatic composition of Eau de Soin Musti ®  combines a subtle citrus note with the sweetness of rose and lilac on a delicately amber background, associated with honey and chamomile extracts, known for their soothing and softening properties. It delicately scents children and babies, from birth *, in complete safety.

Pleasure of use

• Leaves the legendary and timeless Mustela ® odor on the skin, hair and clothing .

* Babies out of neonatology

How to use it

Can be used daily to delicately scent hair, body and clothes.

Sorting gesture  : To allow recycling of the empty bottle, throw it in the sorting bin for glass packaging, ideally without its cap. To allow recycling of the empty cardboard, throw it in the sorting bin.

Because nothing is more precious than your baby, safety is the first commitment of Mustela ® . With 60 years of dermatology research, Mustela ® is  developing, in collaboration with health professionals, treatments specifically designed for the fragile skin of babies, for  guaranteed safety from birth *:

– Tested under dermatological and pediatric control

– High skin and eye tolerance

– Giving priority to ingredients of natural origin


• The plush: Mustela ®  goes beyond the European toy standard with a double stitching on the back of the plush to guarantee maximum safety for the baby or child

• The box: The assembly of the box has been entrusted to an organization allowing work to be provided to people with disabilities. Printed on cardboard from sustainably managed forests and with inks based on vegetable oils.

* Babies out of neonatology

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